Flood On My Street

As I was writing my previous blog about the distasteful Nissan 370Z ad, I heard some weird noise on the street. I looked outside the window and saw that a water pipe had just broken out – right outside the store on the opposite side of the street from my house. Initially, it looked amusing but as the water kept on pouring and flooding the street, I got worried. When will the city maintenance crew arrive to fix it, will the water flood the first floors of the buildings on my street, is this the drinking water pipe or the sewage, is it dangerous in terms of contagious stuff that is coming out of the pipe?! Those were just few of the questions that quickly passed through my mind…

And an important revelation occurred to me – I did not know what to do in a situation like that! Even though I had lived in London for 5 months now, I still did not know what number to call in emergencies!

Well, it has been more than 40 minutes now, and the water is still flowing. I can see other people looking out of their windows but no maintenance crew in sight! I hope this really ends quickly and well. I am going to bed now – as it is getting late and I need to go to work tomorrow. I hope when I wake up, the pipe will be fixed, the water will be drained and the street will be cleaned. I hope…

Update: 1 hour 50 minutes later (02:50 AM)

I called the local council to report the emergency. They told me the utility is responsible for handling this type of problems. Still, it seems like they did follow up as only 10 minutes later the water was turned off and a maintenance crew appeared on site. So, at least, I can feel good about fulfilling my civic duty. Anyway, at least I can try to sleep now…

Update 2: 4 hours 30 minutes later (7:20 AM)

The situation looks very different this morning. The maintenance crew has dug up a huge hole in front of my house – at the actual pipe burst spot. The water is miraculously gone and cleaning teams are dusting the dirt away. Shop owners have cleaned the floors of their shops and have started offering their fares. It all looks under control now. Just another busy day is starting in London…

The slideshow below features a few photos that I took throughout the duration of the accident – starting at 1 AM, then progressing to first response team arriving on site at around 2:50 AM, and finally fixing the leak and cleaning the street at around 7:20 AM.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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