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A Guy Who Knows How to Compete with the Mighty New Street Food Vendors

I experienced a great example of customer service today. For lunch, I went to one of the new street food carts that I wrote about in a blog about a week ago. I got my sandwich (a grilled shrimp and … Continue reading

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Facebook’s “Innovation” May Have Gone a Bit Too Far

One day after I posted about the fact that Facebook’s new features are a time-bomb that relentlessly ticks until something bad pops up, there comes the potential piece of news that may disrupt the status quo. Two computer security experts … Continue reading

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What’s Going On with Zipcar’s CRM?

Zipcar seems to be losing its corporate mind… Or has a major bug in its CRM. Today I got a reminder (see screenshot below) about a reservation that took place 2 days earlier!

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Are Facebook’s Timeline and Other New Changes Adding Value?

A lot has been written and said in the past 2 weeks about Facebook. First, it was a lot of bad stuff as people were getting grumpy about the Ticker functionality and the new status update field. Then, the sentiment … Continue reading

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The 3 New Talented Musicians Who I Hope Make It Big

In this post, I’ll try to promote in my own humble way 3 young artists from the UK. They are starting to gain traction in London but I would really love to see them making it big on the international … Continue reading

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Why Are Most Apple Fans Devoid of Self-Irony?

A few days ago I ran across a funny image that poked fun at the age-long rivalry between Mac users and… well, pretty much users of everything else.

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Street Food 2.0

The last 2 years have marked an important revolution in small business entrepreneurship in Washington DC. I am talking about the rise of street food vending. In about 24 months, DC fast food has been elevated from the questionable realm … Continue reading

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