Facebook’s “Innovation” May Have Gone a Bit Too Far

One day after I posted about the fact that Facebook’s new features are a time-bomb that relentlessly ticks until something bad pops up, there comes the potential piece of news that may disrupt the status quo. Two computer security experts have found that Facebook tracks your activities and copies (without your explicit permission) data from third-party sites’ browsing — not only when you have the social network site open in one of your browser’s tabs, but also even after you have logged out! In my opinion, that is not only sneaky but smells of good old “trojan horse” security threats. Needless to say, I am not happy about this.

How does the fact that I need to install new plug-ins/add-ons for my Firefox or Chrome browsers, or constantly remember to clear my cookies after each visit to Facebook, qualify as “innovation?” I call this a royal pain in the neck (or some other part of the body – your choice).

If you agree with me, please make sure your friends are aware of the potential threats so they can take proper action if they want.

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