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NY Times: Overview of the Euro Crisis

The New York Times put together a comprehensive and rather informative infographic that attempts to chart all the potential scenarios of the ongoing Euro Crisis. Definitely worth the read!

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Dear Starbucks: Please Stop “Butchering” My Name!

Starbucks “butchered” the spelling of my name again this afternoon! I am sure this, per se, is not any news to most people who have been to Starbucks. And it did not surprise me — since this happens every time … Continue reading

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Is Pitbull Stealing Samples or Creating a Whole New Style?

This past Saturday, I saw Pitbull live at Enrique Iglesias’s concert in Miami. As I watched him perform for about 40 minutes, I got reminded of a question that had been dwelling in my mind since Pitbull started gaining popularity … Continue reading

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Greece Can Learn a Thing or Two from Its Former Socialist Neighbors

A few days ago, I read an interesting post by a friend from business school. The topic of the post was the Greek crisis. That, by itself, is not too newsworthy because we get a daily dose of Greek economy … Continue reading

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Five Gadgets That Can Break Every Hi-Fi Enthusiast’s Bank

Today I’ve been feeling a bit geeky. So I started thinking about the Hi-Fi gadgets that I would love to have but I’ll probably never do — simply because they are so atrociously expensive, and yet of so little practical … Continue reading

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How to Add Subtitles to Movies Streamed in Netflix

Today I finally figured out a way to display subtitles to streamed movies in Netflix. You might wonder what the point of having subtitles in Netflix is. Well, I can think of at least 5 reasons

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Nissan Redeems Itself with a Cool Ad

Last year, I blogged about a marketing campaign for the Nissan 370Z that looked pretty tasteless, insensitive and arrogant to me. Since then, I’ve been very skeptical of that car manufacturer’s advertising. But this week, I inadvertently ran upon a … Continue reading

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