Nissan Redeems Itself with a Cool Ad

Last year, I blogged about a marketing campaign for the Nissan 370Z that looked pretty tasteless, insensitive and arrogant to me. Since then, I’ve been very skeptical of that car manufacturer’s advertising. But this week, I inadvertently ran upon a new web video ad on Similar to the previous advertising, Nissan had kept the tone edgy and employed a kind of twisted humor that may not fit well with everyone. But, unlike the 370Z affair, this time around the car manufacturer had focused on showcasing its car’s prowess without badmouthing rival brands. This simple restraint in arrogance on the company’s side won my heart over the new ad.

Here is the ad, titled Landing Gear Failure:

All in all, I think the ad separates Nissan effectively from the rest of the car manufacturers’ pack. It manages to tell the age-old story of car advertisements: the brand represents power, endurance, reliability, and helps the community. But it tells this story in a uniquely different and, thus, memorable way. Nowhere in the ad do we hear stats about J.D. Power & Associates scores, or about massive horsepower-studded engines, or about remarkable fuel economy. We are simply presented with video footage, which although fictional, doesn’t look or feel unrealistic. And we’re left to judge through our own senses and logic the merits of the new Nissan truck. To me that feels like borrowing the subtleties of impressionism in art, and layering those skillfully on top of a carefully crafted, understated, yet clear marketing message. Ahhh… It almost made me want to go to the closest Nissan dealership and test-drive that truck! And those of you who know me well would vouch for me that I am 100% not a truck type of a guy.

What is your take on this ad? Do you find it as attention-grabbing, yet refreshingly original as I do? Let me know your thoughts, please.

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