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Arrgh, Cloudie, a (Software) Pirate is Coming for Ya!

The peaceful days in the clouds may be nearing their end. Many software companies see a future free of piracy as they move their products to the proverbial cloud (i.e., hosting the software as a service on their own server … Continue reading

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Time for Forgiveness

Today my resolution is to ask all my friends and family members for forgiveness. It is an important holiday in Eastern Christianity (my denomination). The name in Bulgarian is Сирни Заговезни (transliterated as Sirni Zagovezni). The equivalent in English-speaking countries … Continue reading

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My Ash Wednesday Vows… And the Eye-Opening Week Before It

Today is Ash Wednesday and I promise to argue less and smile more… This is an odd way to start a post on my blog. So let me explain where this statement is coming from. The last seven days have … Continue reading

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Direct Mail Advertising Can Still Be Exciting!

Until last night, I firmly believed that direct mail advertising is dead — or at least, completely ineffective for the Millennial Generation (or Generation Y, or whatever else you want to call people who grew up with computers and mobile … Continue reading

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Pre-Valentine’s Day Trepidations

February has always been one of my least favorite months of the year. Blame it on the cold wind and snow that usually hit DC around that time. Blame it on my anxiety for the spring weather to come. Or blame … Continue reading

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Smartphone Maladies

Have cell phones (and most recently, smartphones) deformed us? Have they affected our physical or mental health? Those are questions that I’ve been meaning to write about for quite some time now. In fact, the idea goes back to 2006 … Continue reading

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Street Food Fiesta in DC… With a Spanish Twist

Back in September 2011, I posted two commentaries (see here and here) about a topic that has been fascinating me a lot recently — namely, the explosion of the new breed of street food vendors. A few days ago, I … Continue reading

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