Time for Forgiveness

Today my resolution is to ask all my friends and family members for forgiveness. It is an important holiday in Eastern Christianity (my denomination). The name in Bulgarian is Сирни Заговезни (transliterated as Sirni Zagovezni). The equivalent in English-speaking countries is Shrovetide but the holiday is better recognized as Carnaval, especially in Southern Europe and Latin America. And for most Americans, it’s best known as Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday).

Those of you who like details may observe that Carnaval (or Mardi Gras) took place 5 days ago and wonder why I’m celebrating it today. Well, it’s a long story that relates to how the Western Christians and Eastern Christians keep their calendars in relation to Easter. But that is not the main point of my post.

The reason why I’m writing this short post is because it is a very good Bulgarian tradition for people to ask forgiveness of each other on that holiday. It is customary for the younger to approach their elders and offer apologies for everything they may have done wrong in the past 12 months.

So in the spirit of this holiday, I’d like to extend a sincere apology to everyone whom I may have wronged, thank for their patience, and ask for forgiveness.

Thanks, my friends. And don’t forget to call your loved ones and ask them for forgiveness, as well.

If you want to read more about this holiday in Bulgaria, check out this page written by Brits living in Bulgaria.

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