Photo Sessions Parts 2 and 3

Little Cupid Outside of Georgetown Mall

As I reported a few weeks ago, I have signed up for a introductory class in digital photography. I am three weeks into the course now, and have already fulfilled two very educational photo assignments. Following up from my initial post about the course, I decided to share here several of my latest photo achievements.

Assignment #1: Composition

The main goal of Assignment #1 was to train our photographer’s eye in viewing everything around us in terms of good photographic composition. The key guiding principle for the exercise was to use the Rule of Thirds. I’ve pasted below a few photos from the assignment. Do you think I’ve managed to uphold the Rule of Thirds well when composing my photos?

Duck with Reflections (Chesapeake & Ohio Canal in Georgetown)

Old Stone House in Georgetown

US Flag at Sunset near Key Bridge

I thought I was done with my first assignment, but then a few days later I noticed how beautiful the sun’s hue gets at dawn and dusk in the Spring in DC. I could not resist taking two photos illustrating that — one with a sunrise over the blood-red skies of DC, and the other one with a sunset over Arlington.

Sunrise over DC's Blood-Red Sky

Sunset over Arlington

Assignment #2: Perspectives

For the second assignment, we were asked to pick an object and then think of original perspectives for taking a photo featuring that as the subject of the photo. I wanted to go with a more unusual object so I picked a brass tripod lamp that I keep in my living room. The shiny and round surface of that lamp created some challenges in taking the best photos, which was actually part of my original intention. After all, as the old saying goes “if there is no pain, there will be no gain.” Indeed, if I want to learn how to take good pictures, I have to sweat a bit and get my hands dirty with tweaking the camera’s settings to take care of highly reflecting surfaces, etc.

My classmates liked the first of my photos for the interesting set-up of the lamp in front of the giant mirror. I personally believe that set-up made the lamp almost look as an animate object. It somewhat reminded me of the legendary Luxo Jr. short film that cut Pixar’s teeth when the animation movie house was still a young start-up.

Lamp & Its Reflection in the Mirror

My classmates — and particularly my teacher — liked the other two perspectives photos, as well. I guess you can never go wrong with some well executed depth of field effects.

Close-up of Lamp's Mid-section

Close-up of Lamp's Head

My new assignment for this week is going to be focused on capturing motion in photos. So stay tuned for a post in the near future featuring an assortment of stop-action, blurred and/or panning photos.

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