When is ESPN Going to Understand the World?

Mismatched Flags

The Euro Cup 2012 is finally on and now most soccer fans like me can really kick back and enjoy high quality soccer (plus plenty of sports drama) while watching some of the best players in the world compete against each other on the stadiums of Poland and Ukraine. The first game (between Greece and Poland) was definitely a story of constant twists and turns, with the final outcome not certain until the very end. This is all very promising. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a great tournament overall.

However, my post is not focused on the tournament itself. I just noticed a glaring mistake on ESPN’s information center dedicated to the Euro Cup, which begs highlighting. I mean, in the current digital and connected world, how could a self-respecting and mainstream sports outlet not have the flags of the participating countries properly sorted out? I can’t find an excuse for affixing England’s flag to Greece and — even more ridiculously — using Greece’s flag for Poland. The result, as captured by the screenshot in the beginning of this post is hilarious…

Great job, ESPN, bravo! 🙂

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