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Attack of the Start-Up Clones

There has been a flurry of articles in the mainstream tech blogosphere about start-ups that are ruthlessly imitating other successful start-ups. Tech blog gurus have been pressing the “panic button” on their computers, cranking out posts after posts of cautionary … Continue reading

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Arrgh, Cloudie, a (Software) Pirate is Coming for Ya!

The peaceful days in the clouds may be nearing their end. Many software companies see a future free of piracy as they move their products to the proverbial cloud (i.e., hosting the software as a service on their own server … Continue reading

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Direct Mail Advertising Can Still Be Exciting!

Until last night, I firmly believed that direct mail advertising is dead — or at least, completely ineffective for the Millennial Generation (or Generation Y, or whatever else you want to call people who grew up with computers and mobile … Continue reading

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Street Food Fiesta in DC… With a Spanish Twist

Back in September 2011, I posted two commentaries (see here and here) about a topic that has been fascinating me a lot recently — namely, the explosion of the new breed of street food vendors. A few days ago, I … Continue reading

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Nissan Redeems Itself with a Cool Ad

Last year, I blogged about a marketing campaign for the Nissan 370Z that looked pretty tasteless, insensitive and arrogant to me. Since then, I’ve been very skeptical of that car manufacturer’s advertising. But this week, I inadvertently ran upon a … Continue reading

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Much Ado about Qwickster… For Nothing…

After the highly controversial announcement that Netflix will be splitting its DVD business from its streaming services, the company decided to reverse its decision in the beginning of this week. I am sure many of you who are Netflix customers … Continue reading

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Facebook’s “Innovation” May Have Gone a Bit Too Far

One day after I posted about the fact that Facebook’s new features are a time-bomb that relentlessly ticks until something bad pops up, there comes the potential piece of news that may disrupt the status quo. Two computer security experts … Continue reading

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