Lessons Re-Learned: A Good Company Does Not Mean a Good Stock to Buy

A lot of frenzy over “hot” tech companies has been engulfing the business and tech media in the past year or so. Journalists and bloggers have been running over each other, proselytizing to everyone what a great and safe investment buying stock in Apple, Facebook, Zynga, etc. would be. The Facebook saga over the past weeks finally prompted me to write a few lines on that topic, myself.

The main goal of this post is to remind everyone (especially those tech gurus who have the right sense to admit they’re not business or finance experts) that there is a huge difference between a good company and a good stock to buy. If you need a refresher on this simple fact, keep reading. Continue reading

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The “Not So Benevolent” Stereotypes

Bulgaria’s Stereotypes — As Portrayed in Western Pop Culture

Today I’m going to revisit the stereotypes theme, a topic I first wrote about four months ago. Two seemingly unrelated events that took place in the past week prompted me to write a continuation of my previous post:

1) An unfortunate ad for the Popchips brand that was deemed racist and quickly taken off the internet.

2) Tonight’s episode (Episode 9) from Season 1 of ABC’s new TV series, called Missing, featuring my old-time favorites Ashley Judd and Sean Bean.

You might wonder what in the world connects those two events, and how they both relate to the topic of “not so benevolent” stereotypes. Read on to find out. 🙂

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A Day of Preppiness


Pretty & Preppy… 🙂

This weekend I joined thousands of fellow Washingtonians in attending the 87th edition of the world-famous Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase race.

I enjoyed the beautiful Virginia countryside on a sunny and hot day, sipping bourbon, eating pulled pork burgers, and occasionally betting on a horse or two. But most importantly, since my friends had invited me to their VIP tent, I took the opportunity to immerse myself into the posh “preppiness” that surrounds horse racing events. And I found out that I actually enjoyed it… in my own, humorous way.

The moral of the story for me was an extension of the old adage that everything is good in moderation. Well, being preppy is the opposite of moderation, you might say. True — but when consumed in small doses and with a good sense of humor, being preppy for a few hours can lead to a day well spent in the company of nice people, while getting a bit of suntan and making a buck or two from placing the right bets at the right horse (oh well – you can call it my rookie’s luck, as well, I guess). Continue reading

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The Lesson I Learned about Email Privacy

About a month ago, I submitted five photos to the 2012 Annual Cherry Blossom Festival photo competition, organized by an organization called FotoWeekDC. I even posted about this on this blog, asking you, my dear friends, to support my entry for the People’s Choice award. Well, the winners got announced last week and I was not among them. However, this is not the reason why I am writing this post.

In addition to exposing me to some extremely well composed pictures and showing me how to elevate my photography for future occasions, this competition also taught me one other valuable lesson. FotoWeekDC had made a terrible human error when notifying all participants of the final decisions. Instead of using mail merge, or at a minimal masking all participants’ email addresses in a BCC list, FotoWeekDC had included all participants’ contact information in the normal addressee line. Thus, by reading the email, I could also see dozens of other contestants’ email addresses. In a similar fashion, dozens of other strangers could see my email address. I consider this a major breach of privacy — irrespective of whether it was done on purpose or not. Continue reading

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Corporate Purchasing and the War for Smart Phone Domination

Could purchasing habits at corporations serve as a leading indicator of any upcoming tipping points in the war for smart phone domination?

This is the lofty question I’ve set to answer in the post you’ve just started reading.

Much has already been said and written about Apple’s mind-boggling push for the heights of corporate stardom, driven in huge part by the relentless success of the iPhone. As competitors release new models, skeptics announce the pending demise of the iPhone… only to be repeatedly put to shame, come earnings release time, when Apple consistently keeps announcing record-breaking financial results (click here for the latest example from yesterday).

Many people subconsciously understand that Apple’s domination cannot continue to reign undisputed for too long — examples from the past remind us that the Apple bubble (like any other bubble) will eventually burst. The big, unanswered question is when this will happen. Could a simple look at the purchasing habits of corporate IT departments serve as the warning flag for this much anticipated tipping point? Continue reading

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The New Bubble That Is Just About To Burst

Only five years after the last bubble burst, a new one is getting very ripe to blow up.

While the mainstream economy has been riling from one of the biggest financial markets’ meltdowns, the nascent start-up economy in Silicon Valley and other VC havens has shown spectacular growth. Most of that boom has been driven by the advent of all kinds of mobile apps and the merging of those apps with anything related to social media. Riding the tidal wave of Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, the terms “sharing,” “community,” “followers,” “photo streams” have become synonymous with success and lots of hot dollars.

I believe all that frenzy has inflated much out of proportion. It is only a matter of when, not if that this new bubble will burst. In this post, I provide my arguments for why this bubble is nearing its end… Continue reading

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Help Me Win the Cherry Blossom Photo Contest

Dear friends, please help me win the People’s Choice award at the 2012 Washington DC Cherry Blossom Photo Contest. Follow this link, pick the one photo from my 5 entries that you like the most and vote for it! Thanks a bunch! (I’m also participating in the Landscapes and People categories, which will be reviewed and voted by professional judges — so wish me good luck!)

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