Attack of the Start-Up Clones

There has been a flurry of articles in the mainstream tech blogosphere about start-ups that are ruthlessly imitating other successful start-ups. Tech blog gurus have been pressing the “panic button” on their computers, cranking out posts after posts of cautionary tales of how no dear child of Silicon Valley is safe because there are always “bad guys” lurking behind the corner, ready to jump on his/her idea and steal it. I started reading some of those articles for pure amusement but soon became convinced that the “start-up cloning” topic is getting out of proportion. So I decided to write my opinion, hoping to put things in perspective (which I dare say has been lacking from most posts on the topic that I’ve read so far). Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

Cherry Blossoms with the Jefferson Memorial in the Background

As promised in last week’s photo-related entry on this blog, I am dedicating a post to the world-famous Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. This year, the festival was special not only because it was celebrating its centennial, but also because the weather had been so nice and warm. The trees blossomed relatively early during the month-long festivities, and people were happy to be out in t-shirts and shorts rather than wearing heavy winter clothing.

I took my fair share of photos and am posting here my favorite ones. I decided to split the photos in four categories: 1) cherry blossoms; 2) blossoming trees and famous monuments; 3) blossoms and the animals that live on the National Mall; 4) blossoms and the people who admire them. Continue reading

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Achieving an Important Milestone: 1,000 Views per Month

Breaking the Barrier

Today — March 27, 2012 — my blog achieved an important milestone.

For the first time in my humble and recent blogging history, I have passed the barrier of 1,000 page views per month.

This is a baby step in true bloggers’ terms, but is an important leap for my nascent blog. Continue reading

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Photo Session 4: Capturing Motion

Blurred Car Lights at Dusk

This is my third post in a series describing my learning experiences as I progress with my Digital Photography course.

As I mentioned in my post from last week, my most recent assignment was to capture the three main types of motion exhibited in photography: stop-action, panning and blurred. This post showcases my first attempts at those techniques. Continue reading

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Photo Sessions Parts 2 and 3

Little Cupid Outside of Georgetown Mall

As I reported a few weeks ago, I have signed up for a introductory class in digital photography. I am three weeks into the course now, and have already fulfilled two very educational photo assignments. Following up from my initial post about the course, I decided to share here several of my latest photo achievements. Continue reading

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Baklava Home Recipe

Last week my team at work decided to organize a cook-out. The official occasion was St. Patrick’s Day but we agreed to make and bring dishes that represent culinary traditions from all over the world. Thus, we ended up with Irish Soda Bread, Korean Bulgogi beef, Chinese pork and mushrooms, Turkish burek with spinach and cheese, and lots of other dishes. I brought a baklava. Many of my friends have asked me since then to provide the recipe. Hence, my current post. Continue reading

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Quick Tutorial: Creating Funnel Charts in Excel

I recently had to create a funnel chart for a presentation. Surprisingly, Excel does not come equipped with a ready-made template for such charts — despite the popularity of these charts in marketing (remember the Purchase Funnel from Marketing 101?) So I decided to create my own template. This post will show you  how to create your own funnel chart using either of two methods (one manual and one automated). Continue reading

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