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Apple — Most Valuable but Also Most Vulnerable

Not a single day can go nowadays without the media elating about the skyrocketing trajectory of Apple’s stock price. The Cupertino, CA-based company seems to be breaking record over record. TV anchors get giddy when they report how the tech … Continue reading

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Corporate Purchasing and the War for Smart Phone Domination

Could purchasing habits at corporations serve as a leading indicator of any upcoming tipping points in the war for smart phone domination? This is the lofty question I’ve set to answer in the post you’ve just started reading. Much has … Continue reading

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Finally Getting on the iPhone Bandwagon… Still Not Drinking the Kool-Aid

Three days ago, I finally succumbed to the inevitable and joined the iPhone users’ family. I did that despite four long years of resistance — ever since that first-generation iPhone hit the streets in 2007. Three days of use have … Continue reading

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How to Use an iPhone 4/4S on a Prepaid Plan with No Contract

This post is about a recent discovery that may be of use to some of my blog readers. If you are located in Europe, this post will not apply to your situation because you will have a free choice of … Continue reading

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Why Are Most Apple Fans Devoid of Self-Irony?

A few days ago I ran across a funny image that poked fun at the age-long rivalry between Mac users and… well, pretty much users of everything else.

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